Ralph Lauren hosted the 50th Anniversary Fashion Show

Ralph Lauren hosted the 50th Anniversary Fashion Show at Bethesda Fountain Square in Central Park, New York’s most prestigious landmark. The grand fashion show, the immersive digital technology installations and the elaborately arranged luxury dinners are seamlessly integrated into the stunning live setting, remembering this historic night.

This special 50th Anniversary series will showcase the “Ralph Lauren’s World” from a variety of perspectives, expressing Mr. Ralph Lauren’s unique vision of American design and interpreting the many themes and inspirations throughout his creative career. A film-like fascinating show featuring Ralph Lauren’s latest Collection women’s collection, the Polo Ralph Lauren collection and the Double RL collection first released on the show floor. More than 150 catwalk models cover different age groups, from the iconic face in the early days of the brand to the most popular supermodels, as well as the cute baby and dog surprises.
Next to the T station, there is a unique immersive digital technology device, reviewing the milestones in the history of Ralph Lauren brand, reading the pioneering spirit and long-lasting influence of Mr. Ralph Lauren. While the guests were having a pleasant conversation with each other, a large set of LED devices played video clips beside them, recording the unforgettable show time of the past 50 years. The LED device surrounds the giant mirror structure in the atrium. In the “Fifty Years Review” section of the mirror box, more than 400 photos and videos from the brand archives were projected onto the wall and constantly changing, bringing guests into the world of Ralph Lauren.